30 years ago three friends in Soviet Latvia formed the punk rock band Inokentijs Mārpls. At that time the authorities persecuted anyone who did not conform to the standards of Soviet ideology. However, they managed to survive. The Soviet Union collapsed, 30 years have passed, and the band is still active and gathers fans of all ages at concerts. An important date is approaching: the band members’ anniversaries and Latvia’s centenary. It is time for an ambitious concert tour. With each kilometre they spend together on the road, the personal drama of every band member gets deeper. How will the 50-year-old “youngsters” get on with their lives?

Legendary punk/rock’n’roll band  Inokentijs Mārpls is known for their contribution to Latvian punk rock, as well as considered among the pioneers of hardcore music in the USSR.

Thanks to his contribution to Latvian independent music scene, Dambis, the leader of Inokentijs Mārpls,has been called the father of Latvian underground and punk rock grandaddy, to mention but a two of the many honourable nicknames given to him. Over more than 25 years Dambis has organized numerous impactful musical events and published many albums, promoting and preserving a wide variety of Latvian underground music and creative experiments.

Skrips is musician, bass guitarist, highly regarded guitar virtuoso, songwriter, long-standing member of Inokentijs Mārpls, member of Amorālā Psihoze and ExPatriots.

Uldis Rudaks is recognized music expert, journalist and critic, DJ and radio show host, staff music reporter of the newspaper Diena. In 2019, nominated for the Normunds Naumanis Critic Award. Author of Rokupācija: latviešu rokmūzikas vēsture(Roccupation: History of Latvian Rock Music). Since 2016 host of the Radio NABA show Zibens pa dibenu, where he reviews Latvian rock and pop music albums. Since 2018 organizes the festival Kartupeļpalma. 

The Team


Writer, director

Director and multimedia artist from Latvia. Since graduating with a BA in film directing in 1997, Aija has made a number of animation films, shorts and documentaries, participating and receiving awards in several international film festivals. Since 2010 works as a multimedia artist, creating photo, video and graphic art projects. Currently a MA student in the Graphic Art Department of the Art Academy of Latvia, she also teaches experimental cinema to film students. We Wanted to Change the World is Aija’s return to film and her first full-length documentary.



Cinematographer, lecturer at the National Film School of the Latvian Academy of Culture. Member of the Latvian Guild of Cinematographers. Selected works: documentaries – Free Space Lastādija (2019), Nordic Light – A Composer’s Diary (2017), Freimis, Mārtiņš Freimanis (2014), short fiction – Fake Me a Happy New Year (2012).



Director, editor. Works (as editor): documentaries – Free Space Lastādija (2019), The Pagan King (2017) behind-the-scenes video, The Searchers (2017), Because It’s Pretty (2016), Backyards’ Riga (2015), short fiction – The Guest From Heaven (2018), Days in Major, Nights in Minor (2016).



Documentary producer: Road to Akakor, dir. Mārtiņš Grauds; Delta Zoo, dir. Andrius Leikavičius, co-production with Lithuania; Free Space Lastādija, dir. Aija Bley; Latvian Coyote, dir. Ivars Zviedris. Producer of Latvian National Film Award Lielais Kristaps.Film education project manager.